How You Can Help

You can help the Bradford Public Library in a number of ways.

  • Become a volunteer - Ask for an application at the front desk of the library. Teen volunteers must be older than 13.
  • Participate in the Smile fundraiser. Simply go to: and pick our organization. From there any purchases made, Amazon will donate a small portion to us! 
  • Contribute through our annual giving campaign
  • Make a tribute in honor or memory of someone special - Donations are acknowledged with personalized bookplates and note of thanks.  Contribute online, by mail or stop by the library.

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Leave A Legacy: A Message from the  Resource Development Committee

As a lover of books and libraries, if you are interested in preserving our Library, a bequest to the Bradford Area Public Library Irrevocable Trust Fund could assure that the Library continues its role of providing resources to enrich lives, foster literacy, inspire intellectual curiosity and stimulate imagination. 

The Bradford Area Public Library is building the future. Regardless of what technology lies ahead, the Library will continue to be the major source of information, education and entertainment for the entire community. The Library will help ensure that users can access the assets they need without regard to age, education, ethnicity, language, income, physical limitations or geographic barriers, as the digital world continues to evolve. The Library's mission has expanded to managing public access to the latest technology and serving growing numbers of patrons. 

Library users today look to knowledgeable professionals to help them not only accurately research books, databases and periodicals; but also navigate government bureaucracy, apply for benefits, access social services and more; all online.  With the Library usage on the increase in ways no one expected, let me explain why a bequest to the Bradford Area Public Library is so important. 

Quite simply put, the Bradford Area Public Library's primary funding streams, primarily government sources, are shrinking more and more each year. The only way for the Library to maintain the budget it needs to operate is by increasing the library's trust accounts. 

Here are a few facts to illustrate:   

  • State revenue continues to decline. While state funding represents 25 percent of the Library's annual revenue, it has decreased 29 percent in the past three years.
  • Local government funding, which accounts for 16 percent of the total budget, has been flat for 15 years.
  • The Bradford Area School District's contribution to the Library represents 20 percent of the budget; a small increase in 2010 was the first in more than a decade.

      Even with government funding in place, the Library's flexibility to manage its operations is restricted by government regulations. For example, the Library is required to spend 12 percent of its yearly budget on materials.  But materials expenditures do not include the hardware and software needed to meet customer demand for Internet resources, a demand that has increased exponentially.  These necessary expenditures become, in effect, unfunded mandates.

  • During the past five years, the Library has reduced expenses, cutting its budget 36 percent from $371,941 to $240,742 in 2012 to address shrinking government support.
  • Unfortunately expense cuts come at a time when economic conditions have resulted in an increased demand for free user services, such as public access technology services, which are used at a 90+ percent capacity.
  • During the past five years, the number of cardholders has increased from 6,117 to 8,222; a rate of 34 percent.  During this same period, total funding dropped 32 percent and the budget expenses were slashed 36 percent.  During 2012, the Library averaged 74 new cardholders each month.          
  • Computer usage has grown exponentially during this period. In a rural community like Bradford, the Library is one place where people can access the Internet. They may not have a computer or broadband at the home, and they need these computers at the library to do things like fill out job applications online, to do job searches, to fill out government e-forms, etc.  

Curbside Pickup Hours

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Bradford Area
Public Library

67 West Washington St
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Phone: 814-362-6527
Mission: To provide the resources to inform, educate and enrich our community in a way that demonstrates:
  • Literacy
  • Equal access and diversity
  • Life-long learning
  • Fiscal responsibility and integrity
  • BAPL's rich heritage

Vision: To be a recognized premier library in service to our community.